Care and maintenance

Wet Suit System
Polarstar suits weigh about 7 lbs.



  • This is a “WET” type suit
  • This suit will NOT turn an unconscious wearer to the face-up position unless fitted with or worn with a suitable “SOLAS” approved lifejacket and this must first be tested for design compatability with the suit and lifejacket combination.
  • Always check compatibility of the suit with safety harness and any other equipment worn when worn with this suit.
  • This suit caters only for those risks defined in EN 1913-1 “Introduction”.
  • Estimated thermal protection times are based upon standard testing conditions. Real environmental conditions and personal characteristics will change thermal protection times.


  • Check size before donning (See Sizing Diagram).
  • Minimum of underwear plus work trousers, woolen jersey and woolen socks. For cold conditions also don minimum of woolen underwear, extra woolen jersey and a woolen hat shall be worn.
  • See Water Temperature Range scale for thermal protections.
  • Don suit as any one-piece garment and fully close front zipper and Velcro over flap. Tighten belt and pull hood tightly round face, fix collar strap across throat.
  • Don lifejacket as per lifejacket instructions.


  • Ensure all closures/straps on arms and legs are pulled tight.
  • Keep still with arms and legs drawn close to the body.
  • Keep alert and await rescue.
  • Keep suit on until wearer can be warned after recovery.


  • Hand wash suit in mild warm soapy water.
  • DO NOT dry clean, machine wash or dry, iron or bleach.
  • Hang suit to dry away from direct heat. Avoid direct source of heat.
  • If the suit is torn or badly damaged in any way, contact the manufacturer or distributor for a listing of authorized repair stations.