AES and CWS Suits


Benefits and Features of our AES* and CWS** Suits

  • imp_pol_pica_fLight weight and flexible.
  • All seams are taped for waterproofness.
  • Double velcro zipper cover to help seal out water.
  • Buoyancy and thermal protection built into the suit.
  • Warp knit liner absorbs moisture away from the body and is made of micro-safe material, killing bacteria.
  • Upper body liner stretches for ease of movement.
  • Lower legs made of nylon so you can don with boots.
  • Vent panels down the sides of the suit to create air flow.
  • Neoprene wrist seals.
  • Two ankle straps so deck water can’t splash under leg.
  • Thigh tightners if you should go over-board and netting to drain suit quickly for rescue purposes.
  • Reinforcement material on outside of legs to prevent chaffing from cables, etc.
  • Clean lined suit to prevent snagging.
  • 50% of your heat loss goes out your head, so a neoprene face seal and an insulated hood give excellent thermal protection. Room in hood for a hard hat – also detachable.
  • AES-2000 suit has a radio pocket and five fingered gloves.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, and XXL.

Model Number CWS-2001LJ***

Optional inflatable lifejacket approximately 50 pounds of buoyancy to right you automatically. Uses the Hammar brand automatic inflator; tested for 30 minutes in shower conditions. Inflates with pressure, needs only a few inches of water pressure to inflate. Unlike saltwater tablets, that can harden and not dissolve or inflate due to humidity.

*Meets SOLAS A689(17) for anti-exposure suit as per MSA (UK) Chapter 11.
**Meets EN-1913-1:1997 and EN1913-3:1997.
***Meets prRN399:1994 as per prEN1913-1:1997 paragraph 4.12.8.

[] Constant Wear Suit (CWS-20001)(EN-1913-1:1998)
[] Constant Wear Suit / INflatable Lifejacket (CWS-2001LJ)(EN 399:1994)
[] Anti-Exposure (AES-2000)(REG III/7.3; III/34; MSC 81/70)

Designed and manufactured as an Anti-Exposure Suit in accordance with SOLAS regulations. Certification Authority: A.B.S. Certification Authority; Certificate No: 00-LP-1168-X. This suit is designed to be worn with a “SOLAS.” Approved Lifejacket.

Imperial’s Polarstar Anti-Exposure Suits

imp_pol_aes_fSOLAS and EC approved to display the “Ship’s Wheel”. Our Anti-Exposure Suits are designed to replace immersion suits on SOLAS vessels and marine structures for assigned rescue boat crews or marine evacuation system parties in accordance with SOLAS 1996 Amendments (Chapter III, Part B, Regulation 7, section 3). Our Anti-Exposure suit aids rescue parties on passenger vessels and offshore structures by offering a suit that is mobile as well as flexible. It is designed to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion during an emergency, incorporated a VHF pocket and detachable five fingered gloves. This suit must be worn with a SOLAS approved lifejacket. Please see other features listed with the Constant Wear Suit

Sizes: S, M, Lg., X-Lg.
Model Number AES-2000


Imperial’s Polarstar Constant Wear Suit (Decksuit)

Our Constant Wear Suit is E.C. approved to to the European standard EN 1913-1. This suit was designed with the input of working crewmen on-board various types of marine vessels. The Constant Wear Suit is made with an inner fabric which absorbs moisture and an outer shell with reinforcement on the front and back of the legs. It features wrist seals, ankle zips, wrist, thigh and ankle tighteners, and a removable hood with a face seal. This suit can also be worn with a hard hat.

Sizes: S, M, Lg., X-Lg., XX-Lg.

Model number CWS-2001

imp_pol_cws_fOption to the Constant Wear Suit
An automatic/manual single chamber inflatable life jacket approved to EN 399 standards. Having the lifejacket integral to the suit makes the suit easier to work in, as the lifejacket will not ride up while you work. The lifejacket has 275 newtons or 56 pounds of buoyancy. Included is a flexible lifejacket cover.

Model number CWS-20001LJ.
Both suits feature an inner fabric which absorbs moisture and a tough, durable outer shell. The optional inflatable life jacket meets EN standards 399 on the Constant Wear Suit.



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