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Immersion Suit


  • suitThree fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer.
    *Note: Suits should not be fully donned if in the wheelhouse, but tied to the waist. This is a precaution to prevent entrapment in the wheelhouse.
  • Two zipper tab pulls on zipper.
    Each located at top and bottom of zipper. This cuts down on your donning time by allowing the zipper to be pulled straight up.
  • Watertight pocket
    Keep electronics like cell phones, e-cigarettes, tablets, radios etc. safe from water damage.
  • Wide legs to allow quick donning.
    Gives you the ability to don with shoes or boots on. Ankle straps to aid in walking.
  • Toe valves that purge water very fast.
    If your suit should be damaged or donned in the water it will be necessary to get the water out of your suit before you can get into a life raft, onboard another vessel or on the beach. These valves will allow the water to purge very quickly. They also release trapped air upon entering the water.
  • Face Seal is soft and flexible making it comfortable to wear.
  • Back straps keep the rings in place.
  • There’s more reflective tape on the Imperial suit than is required.
  • Suits are true to size.
    Please try any suit on before you buy.
    Sturdy carrying bag with two handles.
    One handle on the side and one on the bottom for quick donning. Quality bag snaps are used to help prevent corrosion.

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  • Personal Survival Kit Pocket
    This pocket zips right onto the high rider ring, making a simple solution to the need for a personal survival kit. It can hold an E.P.I.R.B., spare glasses, medication, flares, water, food, etc…
  • Lifting Harness.
  • Buddy Line to stay together.
    Helps with rescuing and moral to be together.
  • Five fingered glove.
  • Suits can be stenciled upon request.
    P.F.D. lights can be added, as well.





SIZE Height Range Weight Range
Adult 1.5 to 1.9 5’4″ to 6’3″ 50 to 150 110 to 330
Intermediate 1.47 to 1.77 4’10” to 5’10” Up to 81 Up to 180
Jumbo Over 1.9 Over 6’3″ Over 150 Over 330
Child Up to 1.5 Up to 59″ Up to 150 Up to 110


Imperial offers a full service station to pressure test and inspect suits. Suits must be in serviceable condition at all times. The pressure test can reveal leaks that can not be seen with the naked eye. A well maintained suit increases your chance of survival, lasts longer, and saves you time and money. An experienced service technician can find seemingly minor defects that can cause major problems. Call (206) 783-5512 or 1-800-592-6255 to find out who your local Imperial Service Station is. The High Rider Ring is made of neoprene and attached by zippers making it easy for you to replace yourself. Most other suits have air bladders (high rider rings) that must be brought into a certified station to be replaced.
Great Care is taken during the manufacturing process and each suit is pressure tested upon completion. The Imperial Immersion Suit has the longest history in the U.S. The founders of Imperial International, Inc. have been in the marine industry for decades, and care very much about the individuals who work in it.


Approval Adult
Australia Australian Maritime
Safety Authority
1409-AMS High-rider ring and storage bag
Belgium Ministerie van Verkeerswezen #160.171/3/0 1409-B High-rider ring and storage bag
Canada Can.DOT/M des TC 202-070-041 1409-NC 1409-NCJ 1409-NCO 1409-NCC Buddy line and storage bag
Denmark Danish Gov’t Ship’s Inspection Service 1409-DK Buddy line rescue harness & storage bag
Italy Approvita Dal M.M.M. Italiano N. 35/1996
DEL.23 GEN 1988
1409-1 Buddy line rescue harness & storage bag
Netherlands Netherlands Approval SI/20.136/96-1.25 1409-A High-rider ring and storage bag
Norway NMD A-95/07476 1409-N Buddy line rescue harness & storage bag
Russia U.S.S.R. Register of Shipping #95.128,010 1409-RUS Buddy line lifting harness & storage bag
UK UK Dept. of Trans. Mar. Directorate Approval 1409-UK High-rider ring and storage bag
U.S.A. U.S.C.G. #160.171/2/0 1409-A High-rider ring and storage bag
U.S.A. U.S.C.G. #160.171/3/0 1409-J High-rider ring and storage bag
U.S.A. U.S.C.G. #160.171/21/0 1409-O High-rider ring and storage bag
U.S.A. U.S.C.G. #160.171/4/0 1409-C High-rider ring and storage bag